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Social Enterprises

PlanetDK (PDK-SE) is a beacon of global enlightenment and transformative action. Our primary mission is to awaken and unify the collective consciousness through a syncretic blend of history, spirituality, and diverse human experiences. While our broader vision steers towards global empathy and understanding, we also remain committed to addressing social challenges, including homelessness. Our initiatives in providing shelter are part of a larger goal to foster a compassionate and enlightened global community. We are here to help build a better world…

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PlanetDK-SE is a movement born from the lessons of history's social revolutions, aiming to shape a better present. Our mission is to ignite global consciousness, bridging diverse cultures through the exploration of spirituality and history. We confront existing paradigms, advocating for impactful solutions and services to uplift those in need. While our broader vision is to inspire introspection and global empathy, our immediate efforts include tackling homelessness, symbolizing our deep commitment to compassion and building a unified community. 


Join us in this journey towards a more enlightened and empathetic world.

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