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Here at PlanetDK-SE our never-ending endeavor is to provide various types of for support for those in need. This includes needs such as: food, housing assistance, mental health, etc...  We encourage our followers and others to show acts of benevolence by donating what they can to help support our social endeavors for the greater good of those in need. When you give to PlanetDK-SE, your donation and generosity enables us to bring hope to people and to work on projects that help heal our earth and the people in it. Many homeless and impoverished people have lost all hope and have given up, people who wish and dream the same as anyone else does, of living a good life by having a home and working… Once a person loses a stable place to live and becomes homeless, society has adopted a policy of judgement, cruelty, excommunication and prejudice towards them, which pushes a person down even further and psychologically leaves them in ruins. Below you will see a (growing) list of our endeavors to help those in need.

* A Loaf of Love - This endeavor is to provide the homeless, living on the street with meals right where they are.  Our mission is simple. We make a variety of bag lunches, with a beverage and drive the city streets identifying those living on the street and provide them  with a well packed meal to help with their daily nourishment.

All donors will receive a Donation Receipt for tax purposes.

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