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Our mission is to provide safe shelter and a living environment for those in need, to get services and programs they need while we assist them in acquiring affordable housing and an enhanced quality of life. We are here to help…





PlanetDK-SE is pleased to submit this proposal for services to support the homeless, in achieving their goals for having a safe place to rest with dignity, purpose and a solid foundation in which to begin their transition from homeless and impoverishment back to a happy, enriched societal human. We have partnered with several businesses and other Non-Profit Organizations, people and groups committed to helping the homeless and impoverished get on their feet, get the services they need and bridge the inhumane gap between the gutter and permanent housing and better living. 


The Objective 


PlanetDK-SE  homes and Enrichment Centers are an immediate bridge between the gutter and more permanent housing and are vital to the humane treatment and survival of the human beings in our communities who have lost their place of residence and basic needs of survival. When conventional means continue to fail, and loss of life is the result, selfless, benevolent thinking and acts are the solutions are required to succeed.  


  • Build Tiny House Communities, providing temporary shelters with all necessary amenities for human and societal needs (i.e.: bathrooms, showers, laundry, kitchen, community center, gardens/farms, etc.)  


  • Provide a stable location for outreach teams and case managers to find their clients when needed to continue their services as well as connect residents with new services that require a stable location.  


  • Create a new city/community employment resource, providing jobs and training for the homeless, self-purpose and engage a work force of ambassadors to relieve pressure from many understaffed city departments and personnel.


The Opportunity 


  • To house people in Temporary and Permanent Shelters, immediately protecting them from the elements, getting them off the streets and placing them in a healthy environment while working towards their goals to reintegrate back into society.  


  • Providing Tiny House Shelter Communities and Enrichment Centers to house the homeless, bridges the gap between the gutter and permanent housing. It costs a fraction of the money currently spent to police and handle the complex issues surrounding people living on the sidewalks, protects human rights of having a place to rest and makes the streets clean and safe for everyone.  


  • The opportunity to provide a stable location for homeless people (including Veterans) to live and be located by all of the outreach teams, programs, churches and organizations that provide services daily, weekly and monthly and struggle to make contact or find their clients that they service is unmatched and puts a stop to the endless cycle of starting over and saves millions of dollars, countless hours that are wasted and repairs a great deal of a system that is broken.  


  • Providing community gardens/farms at every PlanetDK-SE Tiny House Community not only teaches people a skill that can be applied to future employment or careers, but it also provides food for their community, gives low income people and families access to fresh produce and vegetables which most currently don’t have access to and relieves a great strain on the food stamp system.


The Solution


  • Acquire several vacant lots, with a Minimum 1acre each. Preferably the lots will contain utilities i.e. Water, Electricity and Sewage system already connected to the property. Properties MUST have an existing Address.


  • Provide opportunities for the homeless to be directly involved in the construction, layout and formation of their new Tiny House Communities, giving them self-worth, purpose, direction and recognition of their value to their own success.  


  • Set up donation locations for individuals and communities to donate items needed for construction to offset the total costs of project.  


  • Build Tiny House Communities and Enrichment Centers to bridge the gap between the gutter and permanent housing. Provide a stable location for organizations and outreach teams to reach and connect with their clients. Connect residents with the services they need to address any issues or challenges they might be facing so they can correct, heal, adapt and be prepared to re-integrate back into society when permanent housing becomes available. Repair the broken bonds of our communities and our citizens, by teaching tolerance, empathy and showing our neighbors how we can all co-exist and thrive together.

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